The benefits of using a modular exhibition stand


So you’re planning to attend an exhibition and need to source a stand? Maybe you’re wondering what type you should get? Choosing the right exhibition stand can make or break an event. You want to stand out from the crowd and attract attention, but maybe don’t have the budget for a flashy custom-built stand. If it is your first exhibition, you will want to test the water, see how it goes without breaking the bank.

There are three different types of exhibition stand:

  • Pop-up/portable stand – the most basic option, consisting of pull-out banners or a basic pop-up display. This is an economical solution but won’t draw much attention.
  • Modular stand – a stand built from components linked together to provide a re-usable, sustainable solution.
  • Custom-built stand – a more extravagant solution, constructed by teams of contractors from wood, metal and other traditional materials. Usually discarded after the show.

What is a modular exhibition stand?

A modular exhibition stand is constructed from different components which are linked together. These components are generally aluminium frames which are opened up. Magnetic strips are then fixed around the edges so that graphic panels can be attached to them. The frames come in all shapes and sizes so that you can achieve a unique look. This gives you the benefits of a custom-built stand, but with the sustainability of a reusable modular stand.

Benefits of a modular exhibition stand

A modular stand has several benefits over a custom built stand:

1. Portability

The main benefit of a modular stand is its portability.  Each component folds down individually into a compact shape. These can be easily packed away into boxes or bags and transported in an estate car or small van. A custom-built stand usually requires a lorry and fork-lift trucks to transport and move it, adding to the cost. A lightweight modular stand can be delivered to a show much more easily and carried by anyone. They can even be sent by courier, avoiding expensive freight costs.

2. Sustainability

A modular stand can be reused many times for future exhibitions. This makes them a sustainable solution. Custom-built stands made from timber and other materials are very difficult to reuse. If you have booked different sized space at another event a modular stand is easily reconfigured to suit it. To update the look of your stand or change the information displayed you can simply get new graphic panels printed.  This enables you to save on buying a whole new exhibition stand for every show.



3. Easy to assemble

Custom-built stands often require teams of specialist contractors with power tools to build them. However, a modular stand can easily be built by one or two people, with no need for specialist tools or skills. It is very straight-forward to pop up the frames and hang the graphics on a modular stand. This saves you money on labour costs.

4. Economical

Custom-built stands represent a significant investment for a smaller company, and then they are discarded after the event and a new one purchased for the next event. The ability to reuse a modular stand spreads the cost of it over a number of events, making it an economical solution.



5. Easy to store

Custom-built stands, if they can be saved after an event to reuse, are very difficult to store due to their size. So often specialist storage is needed which adds to the cost of attending an exhibition. Modular stands fold up very small and can therefore be stored easily, usually in your office, with no need for external storage facilities.

6. Eye-catching design

Modular exhibition stands can be made to look like custom-built stands. Their versatility and adaptability means that you won’t miss out on anything. Various options can be added like back-lit display cases and lit-up plinths which will give you a unique, eye-catching result. Having a modular display does not mean you will have less of an impact.


Getting the exhibition stand that is right for you is a big decision for a small company. You want to get noticed at the event in order to achieve a good return on investment. A basic pop-up stand will make this a challenge amongst all the more impressive stands, and a custom-built stand is expensive. 

So a good solution is a modular exhibition stand. These have the benefits of being portable, sustainable, easily assembled and stored and economical. You won’t have to compromise on the look of the stand either as a modular stand can be made to resemble a custom-built stand.

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