How to get your Shell Scheme Stand to Look Good

When you book your exhibition stand you’ll have the choice between a shell scheme booth or space only. Space- only is that, literally an empty space. But a shell scheme booth is a display package that usually includes stand walls, lighting and carpet.

This option is typically popular with first-time exhibitors or those with a tight budget. These booths are clustered together in rows separated by partition walls. It’s a practical solution allowing more exhibitors to exhibit in one area.

As you can imagine having booths huddled so closely together could make it difficult to stand out. Since a shell scheme is essentially a blank canvas, here are some helpful tips on how to get your shell scheme to look good.

Create More Space

Whilst the display area is fixed, panelled off by framework and supported by a pole there is still a way to increase the space. Since the structure is modular, it would be easy to remove the shell scheme’s fascia and ceiling grid. Any good exhibition stand contractor will tell you this.

More room means more options in terms of exhibition stand design. Utilise the space with high-level branding of 3.3 or 3.9m. Doing so will give you a competitive advantage over all the other shell schemes at 2.4m. Attendees will be able to see your branding from a considerable distance.

Choose a Modular Exhibition Stand

Although simple graphic panels, fabric displays and pop-up displays are adequate stand options, it’s not the best one. A modular exhibition stand provides a lot more benefits. Firstly, you won’t always have a shell scheme space. For multiple events a modular stand provides the ideal solution. Reuse and reconfigure the stand to suit different stand spaces.

Secondly, a modular stand using the Prestige Events System has a structural advantage. The stand can be curved, straight or a mix of both. A 3D stand structure look impressive in close proximity to the other displays.

Invest in Stunning Graphics

The first thing exhibitors will look at is how your stand is presented. Investing in professional, stunning graphics will make all the difference. For those on a budget, shell scheme graphics is a good cost-effective solution. Make sure the print-quality is high and these graphics will fit into the individual panels in the shell scheme booth.

The downside of shell scheme graphics is that the booth panelling is still on display. So it doesn’t give a uniform look. However, choosing the Prestige Events System will combat this. The graphic panels magnetically connect to the stand structure and line up perfectly.

No exterior structure is seen. A complete, high-quality seamless display to match your brand.

Add Lighting Features to your Shell Scheme Booth

Lighting features can add a dramatic effect to your shell scheme booth. Include back-lit panels or product display lighting to draw attention to certain elements of your stand. Normally shell scheme pods are smaller than their space-only counter parts, so the addition of lighting features will make a big impact.

Don’t Forget These Shell Scheme Accessories

Some form of counter can been seen on any exhibition stand. They can be used to create a reception desk and double up as a table top for small products. It gives attendees a designated spot to come up and ask any questions.

A stand’s integrated showcases may be reserved for the more high-value products. So, you’ll need a display system for the grab and go literature. Literature displays can easily be positioned at the front of the stand and be packed away neatly when not in use.

And Now You Have A Shell Scheme That Looks Great!

Shell Scheme booths are a great exhibiting option. That’s why lots of businesses choose them. They can look fantastic too given the right attention.

Don’t forget to create extra space by removing the outer fascia and ceiling grid, add high-level branding, lighting and accessories to create an eye-catching shell scheme booth that will attract plenty of foot traffic.

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