How to Stand Out at an Exhibition

  1. Invest in an eye-catching stand
  2. Your stand doesn’t have to be simply 3 walls and a table - get creative! With a modular system like our Prestige Events System you can have a variety of different pop up displays. What’s more they can be reused and reconfigured at future shows. Make sure your branding is displayed in large graphics and include big, eye-catching images. Limit the amount of text on your displays as it probably won’t be read and can look cluttered.

    Consider making the stand taller by having high level branding or ceiling hangings. This will enable you to rise above your competitors and really stand out. Most stands are built to 2.5m but ours can be extended to 3.9m. You could also have a branded rotating header, sitting on top of your exhibition stand continuously rotating 360°. This will be very eye-catching, particularly if lit up.

    Having a photo floor will add to your stand’s visibility too, with many others opting for simple carpet tiles, incorporating the floor into your imagery will really draw attention.

  3. Think about the lighting
  4. The overhead strip lighting of an exhibition hall isn’t going to be the best way to showcase your brand. Good lighting on your stand can really bring it to life. Consider having LED lights in your brand’s colour, or even back-lit LED Illuminated graphics.

    If you have products to show why not display them in LED lit cases rather than just on shelves or plinths. Get creative with the different shapes and sizes you can use for your product showcases. For something enticing and eye-catching, you could use 3D effect showcases to display your products. Or edge-lit engraved acrylic signs at the front of the display, essentially creating a decorative window through which the products can be viewed.

  5. Get Interactive
  6. One of the best ways to draw attention to what you do on your tradeshow booth is to let visitors see it for themselves. Try to offer at least one interactive element that is more than your visitor just hearing your sales pitch. This could be a product demo, a chance to test something out, an experiment, game or quiz. Think about having audio visual displays that visitors can interact with. If you make people register their details to use them that will give you more leads.

    How about using virtual reality to allow customers to experience your products in a different way? Or have a game for visitors to play. You may find that visitors feel more comfortable interacting with a screen than they do with the salesperson. Virtual reality and gaming will also create that relaxed and fun atmosphere. Moreover, when new entrees see a crowd of people hovering around your stand having a great time, they will instinctively want to be involved.

  7. Create a lounge area
  8. Exhibitions are exhausting for visitors who have to be on their feet for long periods. Having an area where they can sit down and relax for a moment will draw people in. You could even provide phone charging points or free coffee. Relaxed visitors will be more open to hearing about your products too.

  9. Promotions
  10. Offer a giveaway – everyone loves a freebie. Promoting a giveaway on your stand could increase footfall. Giveaways that are highly visual, like sweets or goody bags, will also help attract more visitors onto your stand.

    Provide an exclusive event-only promotion – anything exclusive will help you to stand out amongst a hundred other tradeshow exhibitors. This might be a special discount code, a “buy one get one free” offer or a chance for some free consultancy with your expert team.

  11. Provide information
  12. Launch a product – if you have a new feature, a re-brand or a new service coming up, use this launch to stand out during the event. Industry press is often sent to cover new products at the show and may feature you in tradeshow-related coverage. Contact them prior to the event to see if you can get your appearance at the show featured.

    Host a talk – education is often cited as the number one reason attendees visit a tradeshow. Host a small talk or panel discussion on your stand to help advertise your company and provide value to attendees. Let your customers know what you are doing by emailing them in the lead up to the event, this may bring specific visitors to the show to see you.

    Create a competition – an on-stand tournament, gaming session or the chance to enter a competition will help increase your stand presence with visitors. Even better if you can announce the winner(s) during the tradeshow as a mini presentation. This will also give you more potential leads as you gather visitor details.

    So, in summary, there are a number of different things you can do to stand out at an exhibition. Clearly investing in an impressive stand and lighting will draw attention. And interactive features are likely to bring people in. But even if you only have the budget for a smaller stand you can still draw visitors to you by creating a relaxed lounge area, offering refreshments, running promotions or hosting a talk, demonstration or competition. To talk over your stand requirements with us just call 0800 019 2141 or email

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