How To Prepare for Your Next Event part 2


This is the final part of our how to plan an exhibition guide.  In previous weeks we have covered how to book your next exhibition, how to set your budget, how to organise your stand and how to start preparing for the event.  In this blog, we cover the final preparations for an event including:

  • Finishing dressing your stand
  • Capturing leads at the show
  • Transport arrangements for staff
  • Entertaining clients
  • Promoting your presence
  • Things to remember to take with you


1. Finishing Dressing Your Stand

Although you have organised a great eye-catching stand, you may want to add a few personal touches to finish it off.  Some people add flower arrangements, in which case you will need to find a florist local to the venue who can deliver, or arrange to collect them. 

Others choose to have caterers on the stand to provide nibbles and drinks for visitors.  If you decide to do this you need to think about having an area for them to store equipment out of sight.  They may also need an area to prepare food.  Florists and caterers will book up quickly during a big exhibition so make sure you organise these early.



2. Capturing Leads at the Show

You need to consider the method you are going to use to capture leads.  Obviously, you can have a bowl to gather business cards but a more efficient way is to use some form of lead capture software.  This will enable you to automate the whole process, you won’t have the worry of losing business cards and will be able to enter more information about each lead. 

The leads can then easily be transferred to your CRM system without the need to enter them manually.  Whichever app you choose ensure that all staff are trained in how to use it before the event so that it doesn’t cause issues on the day. 



3. Transport Arrangements for Staff

Make sure you book train/plane tickets for staff well in advance to secure the best deals.  You will need to arrange transfers from stations/airports to and from hotels to the venue.  For staff that are driving you will need to organise parking permits for the venue.  Check to see the arrangements for the venue as they are all different.  Some will have free courtesy buses; others may not have parking at all so you will need to find the nearest car parks.


4. Entertaining Clients

Make the most of your time at the exhibition by arranging to meet customers or prospects during the show.  It is the perfect opportunity, if you are both attending and therefore in the same place.  If you are seeking to entertain an industry hotshot you will need to get in early, as others will be attempting to do the same.  Make restaurant bookings well in advance, an event hosting thousands of people will cause spaces to fill up quickly.



5. Promoting Your Presence

Make sure you promote your attendance of the event on social media.  Look up the hashtag being used by the event promoter and also use it.  Link to the event pages and look for areas to comment.  Issue a press release around the event to industry publications with links to your website.

Email your customers and prospects to tell them you are attending the event, try to arrange meetings at the venue or afterwards.  Ensure your business is listed in the show catalogue and look for other opportunities for promotion – sponsorship if you have the budget, or taking out an advert in the show catalogue.


6. Things to remember to take

  • You will need some form of rubbish bin on the stand to make sure rubbish isn’t left lying around, plus bin bags.
  • Don’t forget to take a camera, you will want to take pictures of your stand to use for promoting your presence on social media during the event.
  • You will need a bowl to collect business cards and possibly a bowl for promotional items.
  • Remember to take pens to write further information on business cards.
  • Comfortable shoes to change into to travel to and from the venue are useful!

There is a lot to remember when planning an event which is why we have broken it down into stages.  For help remembering everything download our free exhibition planning template.  If you need help planning your next exhibition just call us on 0800 019 2141 or email   


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