How to assemble an exhibition stand


If you are attending your first exhibition, you will need to know how to assemble your exhibition stand.  If you have purchased a simple modular or pop-up display, this is straight-forward to do yourself.  However, a more complex stand may require specialist contractors to build it.  You should liaise with the supplier of the stand, if you plan to self-build, they should take you through how to do it.  Here we will outline how to assemble a simple pop-up display and what to take into consideration when setting up your exhibition stand.

How to assemble a pop-up exhibition stand

1. Open up the concertina frame

Firstly, simply open up the concertina frame, make sure the coloured nodes are at the top of the frame. Click the magnetic locking arms into place to keep the stand secure.

2. Attach the magnetic bars

Then, you need to attach the magnetic bars which give the frame structure and allow the graphics to be hung. These need to be added to every quadrant of the frame that has graphics including the back for the D-end graphics.

3. Hook the graphic panels on

Starting at the D-end, carefully unroll the graphic panels and hang them on the frame by hooking them on the node.  Smooth them down onto the magnetic bars.  Ensure they each sit to one side of the magnetic strip.

4. Repeat the process

Repeat the process with the other graphic panels, making sure the images line up.



Other items you will need on your booth

As well as a display stand you will probably want the following items on your stand:

· Table and chairs or sofas

Attending an exhibition is tiring so it is a good idea to have somewhere on your stand where visitors can relax to talk to you.  This will enable you to explain more about your products and take their details in a relaxed setting

· Desk

It’s a good idea to have a front desk or plinth where details can be taken, business cards left and promotional items displayed.  If you don’t intend to have a storage area, this also gives somewhere to store bags, out of sight.

· Literature displays

You will need somewhere to display brochures for visitors to take.  You can purchase literature display stands, or alternatively have something built into your stand for a better look.

· Product display cases

If you intend to display your products on the stand, you will need somewhere to do this.  Display cases can be built into the stand, or you can have separate plinths with display boxes.

· Interactive elements

To draw in visitors, it’s a good idea to have audio-visual equipment of iPads that they can interact with, they might find this easier than talking to a salesperson.  It is also a way of allowing visitors to enter their details which will automate your lead-taking.

· Additional lighting

Don’t simply rely on the strip lighting provided by the venue, including spotlights or coloured lights to highlight different areas of your stand is a good way to draw attention to yourself.

It’s worth practicing setting up your exhibition stand before the event so that you know exactly how everything works and how long it will take you to do.  Include any literature stands and counters.  If you are having lights, make sure they work.  If you plan to use audio-visual equipment or iPads make sure they function correctly and are fully charged.




At the venue

Check with your exhibition venue if there are any rules you must follow for the event. For example, any restrictions on size of stand, equipment allowed, power supply or permitted electrical equipment. This is important because before you finalise the details of your stand you need to ensure that what you want is allowed by the venue.

Make sure you have arranged for all the necessary services like electricity and water if needed.  The electricity will need to be installed by the event organiser’s contractors.  If you have booked a shell scheme, electricity will be included in the package, along with lighting and flooring.  However if you have booked space only you will need to arrange these yourself.

Most venues have height restrictions on stands of up to 4 metres.  Any hanging elements will need to be installed by the organiser’s contractors so make sure you have arranged this if necessary.

Find out from the organisers when you can have access to the venue to start setting up. If it is the day before the show, make sure you know how late you can stay – you don’t want to have to leave the venue before you have finished setting up because they are closing.  We would suggest that you arrive as early as you can – it is better to have finished your stand early than be rushing to complete it at the last minute.  There is often a queue of vehicles waiting to enter the hall so make sure you allow for that.

Ensure everything that you ordered is in place – is the flooring what you expected?  Are the power sockets in the correct place?  If you have a shell scheme, is the lighting installed and working?  If you need any changes you will need to contact the organiser as quickly as possible.

Finally, make sure you have enough staff to assemble the exhibition stand.  A simple pop-up display can easily be erected by one person, but larger, more complicated stands will require more people.

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