Finalising Trade Show Venue Arrangements


Here is our latest stage in our guide to the exhibition planning process.  In previous weeks we have covered how to book your next exhibition, how to organise your stand, how to prepare for your next event part 1 and part 2, and your exhibition stand checklist.  This week we cover how to finalise your trade show venue arrangements.  Planning an exhibition is a lengthy process with a lot to consider which is why we’ve broken it down into smaller chunks which are easier to take in.  Things to consider for venue arrangements are:

1. Ensure you have read the exhibitor handbook thoroughly

The exhibitor handbook is a useful tool to help you plan, organise and order services for your stand. It details the official suppliers to contact; service and package order forms; important details on Stand Build Regulations & Health & Safety Guidance for a safe and successful show.  Make sure you take note of all the deadlines for submitting forms and booking services.  Ensure you understand all the rules and regulations.  The handbook will also list any early bird offers which can save you money. 

2. Submit all documentation

There will be certain forms to fill in and documents to submit depending on the space you have booked.  These vary from venue to venue; you can find out exactly what is required in the exhibitor handbook.  Generally, you will have to submit a diagram of your stand, a risk assessment document and a two-way lead declaration form.  There may be other forms too depending on the show.  You can find the deadlines for submitting these documents in the exhibitor handbook.

3. Check the deadlines

There will be certain deadlines for ordering services such as stand space, you may be able to get an early-bird discount so make sure you check the deadlines for these as they will save you money and improve your return on investment (ROI.)  You may find these in the exhibitor handbook, if not, contact the event organiser to ask about early bird offers.

4. Book onsite services

The services you will require will depend on what you need on your stand and whether you have booked shell scheme or space only.  If you have booked a shell scheme package this generally includes electricity but if you have booked space only you will have to arrange this.  Electricity is generally provided by the event organiser’s official contractor, you can find details in the exhibitor handbook.  The amount you are charged will depend on the number of sockets you need so if you are on a budget try to keep these to a minimum.

You may also want to arrange internet supply from the organiser if you plan to show online presentations.  The 4G signal in exhibition halls is often not very good.  You may also need water if you plan to have caterers. Furniture can be hired via the organiser, though you may find it cheaper to source your own, especially if you plan to attend more than one exhibition.

5. Complete show catalogue entry

There will be a show catalogue which lists all the exhibitors, make sure you submit your details to be included in the list.  It is usually in the form of an online pdf which visitors can download.  There will also be the option to advertise within the catalogue which you may want to do for greater coverage.

6. Arrange exhibitor passes

It’s important not to forget to book your exhibitor passes before the event.  Turning up without them will cause a lot of additional hassle and stress! 

These venue arrangements are part of the admin tasks in arranging an exhibition, but they are all necessary tasks to complete otherwise your exhibition will not be a success. 

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