Exhibition Stand Checklist


The final weeks and days before an exhibition can be quite stressful.  Remembering everything you need to do and take can be hard work.  To make life easier we have put together a free exhibition stand checklist which you can download here.  This goes through all the last minute preparations and everything you need to take.  Ticking off all the boxes on this checklist should make your final preparations run a lot more smoothly.

This exhibition checklist is to guide you through the final couple of weeks of planning.  By now you should have finalised your stand, selected your staff, sourced promotional items, booked hotels, made travel arrangements, arranged client meetings and started some pre-show marketing.  All that is left to do is ensure your staff are fully trained, double check everything is booked and pack your things.

Confirm Arrangements

This is the most important thing to do in the final couple of weeks.  Mistakes happen and you need to make sure everything is in place in order to have a successful event.  Call all suppliers to make sure they have the right dates, times, venues and they are going to deliver on time. Ensure you double check all your bookings and everything has been confirmed. Here is a list of things you need to check prior to your event:

  • Stand space and number
  • Exhibition stand
  • Transport of the stand
  • Installation
  • Electricity and other venue arrangements
  • Furniture hire/purchase
  • Staff passes
  • Hotel bookings
  • Train/plane tickets
  • Transfers
  • Florist if using
  • Caterers if using
  • Client meetings
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Badge scanner rental

There may be other things to confirm, for instance a videographer.  We have left blank lines on the checklist for you to add additional services as every exhibition is different.

Ensure Staff are Prepared

Make sure the event is in everyone’s diaries well in advance, members of staff who are not manning the stand may also want to attend.  Check that the staff working on the stand are up to speed with all product information and can talk comfortably about everything.  Discuss different roles on the stand – you may want someone to bring visitors in while others talk in more depth.  Ensure they can all qualify leads properly, you don’t want them wasting time on someone who is a competitor or just after a free mouse mat. 

If you intend to use lead capture software, make sure you train all staff in how to operate it before the event so things run smoothly on the stand.

Discuss a follow-up strategy, too many exhibitors don’t bother to follow up the leads they gather after a show.  This really reduces the return on investment (ROI) of attending an exhibition.  Decide who will follow up the leads and when they will do it.  We recommend contacting them within a couple of weeks of the event so it is still fresh in their minds.

Make sure staff have arranged client meetings – an exhibition is the ideal place to meet up with customers or prospects if you are both in the same place.

Brief your staff on travel and hotel arrangements so that no-one turns up at the wrong place or wrong time.

Pre-show marketing

There is still time to promote your attendance at the exhibition.  Use the final few weeks to write a blog about the show for your website.  Email customers and prospects to tell them about the exhibition.  Write a press release and send it out to industry specific publications.  We offer a free PR service for customers, contact us on 0800 019 2141 or email design@exhibition-stands.com for more information.

Promote your attendance on social media, event organisers will normally have a specific hashtag that they use on social media to promote the event.  Use the same hashtag in your social media posts to let visitors know of your attendance. You can leave comments on the organiser’s pages for the event and interact with others using the hashtag to boost visibility.

The more pre-show marketing you can squeeze in before the event, the more visitors to your stand you are likely to have so it’s worth putting in the effort.

What to take to an exhibition

The final section of the checklist has some items you will find useful to take such as bin bags, pens and sellotape.  Remember to pack clothes for the evening if you have arranged evening client meetings.  It is also a good idea to pack some comfortable shoes for walking to and from the exhibition, you will be on your feet for most of the day. 

Remember to take travel and hotel confirmation documents.  You may also want to pack an emergency first aid kit; exhibition venues are not always close to shops and it will be difficult to leave the stand for too long if you need anything.  Exhibition halls can vary widely in temperature so take several layers to wear just in case.

Make sure you take everything you need for the stand – iPads if using them, refreshments for visitors if providing them, and plenty of brochures.

The last minute planning for an exhibition can be stressful and busy which is why we put together this checklist to help you.  Hopefully by using it you won’t forget anything and will have a successful event. 

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