Your guide to exhibition flooring


There’s no point in exhibiting if you’re not trying to make a lasting impression. And while the stand itself will be the main visual draw, the flooring will be noticed, if only subconsciously. Sure, you can go ahead and let the organiser pick your carpet’s shade of mental asylum grey — it will incur no additional cost. But, for those trying to maximise the immediate wow-factor of your company’s stand, it may be worthwhile looking into more impactful options. Take a look at the below guide for more details.


Shell scheme or just space: your first decision

The main decision you have to make as an exhibitor is whether you hire space only or you opt for a shell scheme, in which case you’ll receive whatever framework the organiser has pre-prepared. As the budget option, shell schemes are often somewhat lacking in visual appeal. It may be only a personal aversion, but something about grey felt carpet isn’t very exciting and wouldn’t entice me to a company’s exhibition stand.

And yet — even if you do opt for shell scheme, there are some contractors that can bypass the mundane framework you’d otherwise end up with. In fact, some of our best stands have been built on top of a standard shell scheme framework. We can build custom Photo-Flooring over the shell scheme, completely hiding the underlying structure. Not all contractors offer this service, so be sure to check you’ve found the right contractor for you before you start making arrangements.


The range of materials

Beyond the infamous grey felt carpet already discussed, there are a host of flooring options to choose from. Of the thousands of exhibitions, we see worldwide, here are some popular flooring materials:

  • Tiles
  • Lino
  • Wood
  • Grass
  • Cardboard
  • LED screen


Our trademark Photo-Flooring

Each stand is different, and the above options can be a perfect fit for your business. But if you want to evoke a real reaction with your flooring rather than just blend in, there is no better option than photo-flooring. Colour, graphic design and complicated visual effects — these are not things you can achieve with any other flooring approach. Photo-flooring is for those that want to create a multi-dimensional effect, and an immersive visual experience for visitors. Your branding will come alive in every component of your stand, creating a stand that will give visitors reason enough to stop and engage with your exhibition stand.


Taking the high-ground

Another option available to exhibitors is the raised floor. Simply put, these may be more effort than they’re worth — beyond a 50mm raised platform, exhibitors must include a disabled access ramp, taking up valuable stand space that could be used more effectively. For this reason, many opt for a sub-50mm platform, which can potentially add a sense of exclusivity and importance, but will also be accessible for everyone at the show.

However, for those that need to hide cabling, lighting fixtures or water supplies, a raised platform may be the most economical way to keep your space looking clean, as these can be fed under the raised floor.

Exhibitors have a very limited space within which to work. Packed in amongst a myriad of competitors, they must nonetheless stick out and do the most they can within the dimensions they occupy. Flooring is frequently overlooked as a tool in the arsenal of exhibitors, but it should not be so. Eye-catching walls will garner attention, but you won’t maximise their potential unless you accompany them with a similarly eye-catching floor design. If our Photo-Flooring has piqued your interest, contact us for a free quotation by calling 0800 019 2141 or email






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