A Guide to Exhibition Lead Capture


Capturing qualified leads is one of the main reasons to exhibit at a trade show or exhibition. Here we outline some exhibition lead capture strategies and the best apps to automate the process.


Lead Capture Strategies


  • Choose your staff carefully – they should be able to engage meaningfully with prospective clients, be able to qualify the leads properly and be willing to do so. No-one wants to see a bored member of staff on their phone.
  • Brief your staff well – make sure they are all aware of the products and messaging you want to put out there.
  • Engage in pre-show marketing – advertise your attendance on social media, engage with the show’s promotional efforts, email prospects and customers to tell them of your attendance.
  • Arrange to meet customers and prospects at the show.
  • Have a proper strategy in place – know the type of leads you want, how you are going to approach prospects and how you are going to follow up.
  • Use technology to attract attention and automate lead capture.
  • Invest in an eye-catching stand – you want to stand out from the crowd so make sure your stand is going to do that.
  • Use competitions and product demonstrations to draw attention.
  • Ensure leads are entered onto your CRM system and followed up shortly after the show.


Lead Capture Apps

There is no need to limit your lead generation to a lead capture form or business cards in the fish bowl.  There are several lead capture apps which will automate the process and link to your CRM system, avoiding the post-show manual data entry. Here are some of the best apps you can use:




EventPilot offers a quick and easy solution to capturing leads and making follow-up communications. It is free and can be downloaded onto your own device, so no need to bring additional hardware. This app includes the following features:


  • Offline use
  • Speedy scanning
  • Instant access to data
  • Ability to add missing data and notes to each lead
  • Backup in the Cloud
  • Sync across all devices
  • Instantly export entire lead list

The EventPilot app is available for both Android and iOS and is a product offered by ATIV Software.


Cvent Leadcapture


LeadCapture is a mobile app that links up to your Cvent account so you can share data between programmes. If you want to add badge and business card scanning, the app integrates with other lead capturing tools. Anyone on your team can download it onto a personal device (either Android or iOS). Main benefits:

  • Manually qualify leads while scanning badges
  • Use a star system to rate the lead on the spot
  • Take notes on what services they’re interested in, how they’d like to be contacted, and any other important information you need




iCapture is a first-class badge scanning app aimed at small businesses.  It partners with leading badge providers, turning a mobile into a badge scanning device.  It can scan 2D barcode badges, QR codes and RFID. Main benefits:

  • It works offline
  • It can synch to Salesforce CRM system
  • You can manually score leads or let the software do it for you




Allows exhibitors to scan badges using their own Android and iOS devices with no additional hardware needed. The app is the only socially enabled lead capture app available, and allows you to chat with sponsor’s in-app after the show, as well as understand the behavioural data behind event attendees and prospects you interact with.  Main benefits:

  • Deep data enables relationship building
  • Track performance of individuals working on the exhibition stand
  • Easy to set-up and use, deploys in minutes
  • Lead data accessible across multiple platforms


vCapture by Validar


Compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile, Validar specialises in “universal lead capture”, a fully-customisable solution that can work as a direct extension of your current CRM.  Main benefits:

  • Rank and categorise leads
  • Four solutions to lead capture, tailored to your business size and budget
  • Use your own device, or borrow one of theirs
  • Free Salesforce Integration with lead import




CompuLEAD allows you to scan badges or manually enter leads into their app, which can be used on both Android and iOS. Download the app directly onto your own device or hire one of their tablets for your exhibition. Capturing leads has never been easier. Main benefits:

  • View attendee appointments in-app
  • Optional free webinar with lead capture expert
  • Automated personalised follow-up email
  • Customise lead data with action codes, surveys and note




Leadr is a highly customisable lead collection app that has a versatile pricing plan where you buy tokens which are valid for a certain number of leads collected.  This makes it more suitable for companies who might just have one-off shows and don't want to commit to an annual contract.  Main benefits:

  • Option to send a personalised email to every successful capture
  • Easy to customise with your own branding
  • Opt-in’ fields for GDPR Compliance
  • Easy to use on your own devices

Lead generation is one of the main reasons for attending an exhibition, follow these strategies and use one of the lead capture apps to maximise your exhibition lead generation.  For help and advice with your exhibition stand call us on 0800 019 2142 or email design@exhibition-stands.com.


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