Top Five Exhibition Stand Ideas to Attract People to Your Booth

Trade shows are vital marketing events for many businesses. Whether you’re an established business or just starting off, the objective remains the same. Get your brand and products seen, generate leads and build client relationships.

Even in this digital age, nothing can beat direct communication. Face-to-face meetings still hold the upper hand. But to get these conversations started, you’ll need to tackle the first hurdle. And that’s getting people to your booth in the first place.

With all your competitors around you, an eye-catching exhibition stand is a must. It’s an extension of your brand and for people to walk past without a second glance would be an insult. Not to mention crucial missed opportunities.

The answer to this? Design features that will attract people to your booth. With years of experience, Black Robin Exhibits brings to you the top five winning exhibition stand ideas.

Get Seen With High-Level Branding

It’s no secret that trade shows get busy. That’s the whole point of course. But don’t let your exhibition stand get lost in the crowd. Instead get your brand seen and be seen from a distance.

High-level branding does the job. Standing just shy of 4m, visitors can see your stand from a distance. The idea is to create a brand presence from afar, pipe the visitor’s interest before they reach your stand. Making it a lot easier to start a conversion when they arrive at your booth.

As the high-level branding component is under 4m, 3.99m to be exact, no additional approval from the event organiser is required. A winning solution without any extra hassle can only be good!

Draw More Attention with a Rotating Branding Feature

We’ve mentioned high-level branding and that’s great. We love it and especially love how we can take it one step further with a rotating branding feature! What makes this a good exhibition stand idea? Well, it moves continuously.

It may sound like something small. Simple even. But there’s no questioning that movement certainly draws the eye’s attention. Imagine seeing the slightest movement out of the corner of your eye, you can’t help but turn in that direction right?

And that’s the objective of a rotating branding feature. Draw more people to your stand through movement and that in itself will create a more animated stand atmosphere.

Branded Photo-Flooring for the Complete Branded Look

Imagine seeing a bright and colourful exhibition stand. The graphics look fantastic; the branding is conveyed well. Everything seems to be working that is until your eyes reach the floor. Remember, we have a beautifully designed exhibition stand with vibrant graphics here.

Yet, the floor doesn’t match the brand. It’s grey, bland and adds nothing to the overall design of the display booth. If there wasn’t another choice, we wouldn’t be saying anything but there is and that’s why we’re here.

Instead of a plain floor, Black Robin Exhibits offers bespoke photo-flooring to match your exhibition stand design. A full branded look from floor to ceiling will be sure to give off all the right messages to new and existing clients.

Custom-cut Aperture Display Showcases

More likely than not, your business will have products to display at your trade show. The products are great and now it’s time to give the same love and attention to how they are presented.

People will pay attention to how your products are displayed. As mentioned, your exhibition stand is an extension of your brand, so sticking products on a table without a plan might not be the best option.

This is where some creativity comes into play. Say goodbye to regular display cut outs and hello to custom-cut apertures. This can work particularly well if your logo or product have a certain design. We’ve previously utilised this feature for our client Knight Fragrances, displaying their perfume in perfume bottle style cut outs. It adds a unique perspective, giving full attention to the product whilst drawing people in to discover more.

Make use of AV Equipment

In this digital age, most exhibitions stands will have some sort of AV equipment. This can range from a single TV screen to multiple screens together. Either way it’s a top exhibition stand idea to get your brand seen and heard.

Plus it gets visitor’s to stop and watch the video footage, leaving the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation afterwards.

Summary: Exhibition Stand Ideas that Capture Visitor Attention

There’s plenty of options to enhance any exhibition stand, and we’ve gone through the top five exhibition stand ideas for this. Whether you choose one or all of the choices, we’ve rounded them up for you below.

  • High-level branding at 3.99m adds no additional hassle only extra visibility
  • Take advantage of movement with a rotating branding feature
  • A bespoke photo-floor will complete the whole brand experience
  • Take care in displaying products. Custom-cut apertures can enhance the product display
  • Stay digital with AV equipment. Capture visitor attention, then strike up a conversation

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