How to Build a Great Exhibition Stand

The main thing that will get you noticed at an exhibition is your exhibition stand. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of passers-by so it’s important to have a stand that they will notice amongst all the other stands.

How to be Popular at an Exhibition

Exhibitions offer a fantastic opportunity for live marketing – a chance to meet your prospects face-to-face and demonstrate your products in front of a willing audience. Research shows that 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority and they are there to check out new products and developments in the market.

What is a Trade Show?

A trade show is an event that brings together businesses within a specific industry for the purposes of showcasing their products or services to members of the public and other businesses. They are held in venues up and down the country, the larger ones take place in big conference halls like the NEC, but others use smaller venues like hotels.

What Do Trade Shows Do for Your Business?

Trade shows can bring many benefits to your business, from brand awareness to generating leads. They are a fairly significant investment for a small business and also require quite a lot of effort. So, are they still worth doing in the age of digital marketing? What do trade shows do for your business?

Trade Show Dress Code

Have you booked to exhibit at a trade show and are wondering what to wear? If it is your first time exhibiting, figuring out the dress code can be a little daunting. You are representing your company so need to give the right impression. Remember, you are selling the whole concept of your brand, not just your products.

How to Perfect Exhibiting

Attending an exhibition can bring many benefits to a business – you can gain qualified leads, increase awareness of your brand, network with others in your industry and maybe find new partners or suppliers. However, exhibiting does bring with it certain costs – booking the space and sourcing a stand plus the costs of hotels for staff can all add up. So how can you ensure that these don’t outweigh the benefits? Planning carefully will help make exhibiting a success. Here we cover some of the steps to take.

Setting Up Exhibition Furniture: Dos and Don’ts

To finish off your stand, well you may want to source furniture to fit in it. This can either be hired from the show organiser, or you can source it yourself. If you plan to buy furniture so that you can use it again, make sure it is portable enough to transport and store in between shows.

Managing Risks for your Exhibition Stand

You probably have a Health and Safety Policy for your workplace, but are you aware that this needs to extend to your exhibition attendance? Exhibitions are hazardous environments and are considered miniature workplaces, so it is vital that you conduct a thorough risk assessment to protect you, your staff and visitors. 

How to create an effective exhibition stand

Exhibiting at a trade show can bring in many benefits to a business, from increased brand awareness to generating qualified leads. But it is also a significant investment in time and money for a small business.

How to be eligible for the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP)

The Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) provides funding for some businesses to exhibit overseas. It is a UK Government funded scheme which applies to certain trade shows and conferences.

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