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Let’s cut your exhibiting cost in half

1000 off-the-page design options that offer a bespoke graphic look, yet are reusable over all your exhibitions, in any exhibiting space or size. Together with a wide-range of supporting display products: banners, counters, literature displays, and graphics.

  • Modular and Reusable
  • 1000 Design Options
  • Transparent Pricing

Modular Exhibition Stands

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Exhibition stands that make you go WOW, in over 1000 design variations, to fit any stand space or shape. All waiting to be visualised with your branding, free of charge and without obligation. Pricing plans that will halve your exhibiting costs; hire or buy, self-setup or professional build.

Free Bespoke Visuals | Hire or Buy | Professional Build or Self-Setup

modular exhibition stand designed and built by Black Robin Exhibits, for hire or purchase.

Free Movie Design Visuals

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Choose from an off-the-page design, or opt for a completely new custom-designed exhibition stand, presented as a free movie-visual. These are a fantastic way of undertanding more involved designs, allowing you to see into the detail of the exhibits shapes and curves. And remember, no matter how beautiful your design is – we’ll halve your exhibiting costs.

Bespoke Designed | Your Branding and Images | Free Pan-Around Movie

Hire and Buy Options

Hire and Self-Build

Combines the flexibility of hire with the freedom to self setup, without the cost of an exhibition contractor. You enjoy free training at our premises, supported by useful online videos and tutorials. And if you need extra onsite help, we can help with our ‘assisted installation’ service.

Hire with Pro Build

For those that want professional installation, backed by expert project management and 20-years of experience building stands at all UK and European shows and venues. Your graphics and exhibit are modular and reusable, and we make this easy with cost-effective storage and free re-designs.

Buy and Self-Build

Ideal if you desire full ownership and the ultimate freedom to self-manage your tradeshow’s and events. Our stand building system is safe and easy to build, and compact and lightweight for transport and storage. We support you with free ‘one-to-one’ training at our factory and online resources.

Our Stands Benefits


With us, your stand is constructed in the award-winning Prestige Events System, the worlds most-flexible modular build system. Reconfigure your exhibit for different expo-space, scale up or down, always making the best use of your exhibiting kit.


With modularity, you get reusability. Your exhibition stand and graphics can be used again and again, at different shows, in different venues and within differently sized booth space. We help with lifetime free re-design configurations.


Although your stand is modular and reusable, in look and appearance it’s custom-designed. With no visible metal or construction, your stand is one huge canvas for your branding, photography and messaging.

Easy Setup

Exhibitors who wish to self build their displays, will be amazed at how intuitive and easy the build process is. Frames are light but incredibly strong, and the innovative magnetic fixings ensure graphics are fitted quickly, and in perfect alignment.


When packed down, your exhibit is lightweight and compact, and space-saving for transport and storage. This means that when installing, you can use smaller, less polluting, vehicles and fewer onsite resources.


Modular, reusable, custom, easy setup and portable; all of this adds up to making a Black Robin stand the most exciting and sustainable exhibiting solution you can invest in.

Please Visualise this stand with my branding and send a detailed quotation.